Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

If only I could have a fireplace in Franice. That would make for the perfect "winter storm." 

While I have loved only having one class today it is kind of bittersweet at the same time. You see, today was the last full day of classes for the Fall semester. What? Finals begin Monday. Friday I will officially have one semester of school left and be on my way to Branson.

Can I just go back to Kindergarton? I would like those naps I never took. Then again, today is the perfect day to catch up on sleep. What do I decided to do though? Watch movies, Boy Meets World, drink coffee and eat Junior Mints. That's even better than taking a nap. Right? Ha. 

It definitely is relaxing.

I should be cleaning my room and washing dishes though... Ha. That won't happen until tomorrow.

Then there is that Comm. Law test that I need study for. Ha. Again, that will begin tomorrow.

Right now though, while the weather is oh, so frightful... I am going to take advantage of the perfect oppurtunity to just enjoy a relaxing day of a lazy evening.

God Bless,


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

7 Weeks of Semester

Can you believe that there is only seven weeks of this semester left? That is including Thanksgiving Break and Finals week. That to me is absolutely crazy!

Also, yesterday I registered for my last semester of college! Just let that sink in. My last semester of college. Yikes! Reality will soon strike!

One thing that I am really looking forward to though is what I get to do the day after graduation. I graduate on May 10 and on May 11 I leave for EUROPE!!! I am so excited.

20 days in Europe. What?

On another note.... I turned 21 on October 21st!!!
I love birthdays. Mainly my birthday. Haha. It made Monday a good day. Ha.

That weekend was Fall Break so I was able to go home and spend time with my family and my best friend. It was great. A break and birthday celebration was just what I needed. It still wasn't long enough though. Ha.

Also, the week before my parents bought me Bon Jovi tickets for my birthday. Let me tell you, Bon Jovi is so attractive. I loved going to his concert. Literally the best concert I have ever been to. I went with my mom and I am pretty sure that she sang louder than me. That wasn't strange at all.


I don't know if y'all watch Hart of Dixie but it is one of my favorite shows. I am currently watching it as I type this blog. I didn't realize that it was back on again so I have several episodes that I can catch up on. It makes my senioritis even worse. Oh well.

I hope that you all have a great Tuesday!

God Bless,

Monday, September 23, 2013

Peaceful Mornings

Okay, so maybe my mornings don't begin out completely peaceful...

Two weeks ago I begin Insanity for my second time. (I think it's more difficult the second time around.) I have been getting up at 6:30 in the morning every morning minus Saturday's and Sunday's. For some reason, I have become this health guru again.

Insanity's 40 minute workouts kick my butt, but I seem to be getting physically stronger and more fit. Makes any girl feel good, right? It's totally worth the early wake-up calls and sweat.

So I wake up every weekday at 6:30am. I know, I am completely ridiculous. Let me tell you though, I feel great. My favorite thing about the whole getting up early thing though is the time in the morning after my daily workout that I get.

After my workout I shower, eat breakfast and just prepare myself for the day ahead. I feel like my mornings really set the tone for how my day is.

Sometimes I will just sit in the quiet. Sometimes I do some homework. Sometimes I will watch episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (or when Boy Meets World is on, I will watch that!). Sometimes I will browse Pinterest and Facebook. And my personal favorite, I sometimes listen to bluegrass hymns on Pandora. (Which is what I am currently doing as I type this blog.)

Along with being physically healthy though, I am really working on being spiritually healthy. Why, yes I feel like I have a strong relationship with God it can always be made stronger. There is always something that I can improve on in my life.

Being physically, emotionally and most important spiritually healthy has just been heavy on my heart lately. So... here I am just trying to achieve the goal that I have set for myself.

It can be quite difficult at times and chocolate cake is one of my weaknesses, but resisting temptation make me feel even better in the long run than eating that piece of cake. Ha.

Have a very blessed Monday!

God Bless,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You!

Tomorrow is the day!

No, not my wedding day. I do not even have a boyfriend so that is definitely not tomorrow.

No, I am not leaving for an awesome vacation. I wish, but no that is not it either.

Tomorrow is the day that I am officially done with summer school!!! Words cannot express how excited I am to take my two finals tomorrow and say, "Adios" to my history and science class.

It has been a summer full of studying and busyness that I had not fully prepared myself for. I am glad that God has given me the perseverance that I needed to get through this crazy summer of taking seventeen hours plus completing an internship. People think I am crazy for taking on so much and I cannot say I blame them. There have definitely been times this summer when I have thought, "What did I get myself into?" However, if I had to do it all over again there is no doubt in my mind that I would.

Anyway, I had to dedicate a blog to just celebrate the fact that tomorrow is the day that I am DONE with summer school!

I hope that you have a wonderful Monday tomorrow like I know I am going to have.

God Bless,

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Country Song

"I'd start walkin' your way. You'd start walkin' mine. We'd meet in the middle neath that old Georgia Pine. We'd gain a lot of ground cause we both give a little. Ain't no road too long when we meet in the middle." 
-Diamond Rio, Meet in the Middle

This song has suddenly been stuck in my head. Good thing I love it. Hah.

God Bless,

Thursday, July 11, 2013



Not having closure is like not having a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence or a complete

(See what I did there?)

I have been in deep thought lately about the word 'closure.' What does it mean to have true closure over a situation, a relationship? Is not having closure a bad thing? Does closure really help us move on with things in our life to focus on better things for us? So many thoughts begin to race my mind as I think of the simple word 'closure.' However, while it may be a simple word to speak it is not a simple word to digest in means of living and moving on. (This may sound scattered, but bear with me. I promise that I am doing my best to explain my over-thinking mind.)


Not having closure is like not having a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence

Ever had a break up where there was absolutely no closure? It can drive one mad, I tell you. Not knowing the what-if's, not knowing if your ex is over you, not knowing if there could ever be anything "better." Like I said, it can drive one mad.

However, the word 'closure' is technically defined as coming to an end. So if something stops unexpectedly, a relationship ends suddenly, has the circumstance not ended? Even if it may not be "over" or "ended" in our minds, the situation has still ended. Hasn't it? But then again, my mind is mad because I have lacked closure so the answer is not a simple yes... Or is it?

Notice if you take the first three letters away of the word 'closure' you are left with the word 'sure.' Ironic? Maybe. Maybe not.

(By the way, I am not getting technical here, okay? I am just analyzing the word 'closure' for myself. So yes, what I may make notice of may be completely false; but welcome to my thought process. After all, is reading my blog mainly to read my thought process anyway?)

So... back to the word 'sure.' How are you sure that you have closure? Are you sure when you don't think about the situation or person anymore or for at least long periods of time? (Say, um, two days straight? Ha, okay.)

Maybe being sure that you finally have closure is knowing that yes, every now and then you will be reminded of the situation or person, but deep down in your heart you know "the end" is better for you. You know that you are happier without... Even if that means you don't have full closure? This brings me to my next point of my scattered thoughts.


Not having closure is like not having a complete

So what if you are sure that you have closure. What if not having closure is having closure. Okay, okay this sounds like the saying, "You can't have your cake and eat it too." But again, just bear with me. What if you know without a doubt that the situation or relationship is over. There does not need to be closure because you are able to follow your gut instinct, your heart to know that it is over. So, whether or not you and the people involved have had mutual closure, you know that not having closure is having closure. A sure form of closure. Make sense? Okay. (I am going to pretend you nodded yes.)

Different scenario: What if you aren't certain that the situation or relationship is over, yet you know that you will never go back even if the opportunity did arise? Is not that having closure? Again, this closure may not be mutual especially considering that you could possibly go back to the situation. However, you know that it is best (whether you want to or not) not to go back to the situation or relationship. Is that not a form a closure? While this may not be a sure form of closure, you still have closure. Make sense? Okay. (Again, you are nodding your head yes in my mind.)


All in all, maybe not having an ending punctuation mark or complete thought is perfectly

God Bless,

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I would like to take this time to simply say Happy Father's Day to all the dads, grandpas, and father-figures out there. I would also like to take the time to let those who are missing their dad or father-figure today that I am praying for you. I am praying for those dad's who have lost their children. I am praying for those who do not have a father in their life. 

I want you to know that if you do not have an earthy father you have a Heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally and He will never forsake you. Never. 

I also, want to take the time to say Happy Father's Day to the world's best dad, my dad, (Yes, I'm bias.) I love him with my whole-being and while my biological dad wanted nothing to do with me I am thankful that he stepped up to be a man that he did not have to be. He is my true daddy. I even look like him and share his characteristics. (God always knows what He is doing.) He leads by example and I strive to follow his example of leadership and his servants heart for others. I will always be his little girl.

Love you, Daddy!

God Bless,